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Cybersecurity MDR Services

CyberRes Manage, Detect, and Response

CyberRes delivers cybersecurity monitoring, detection, and response services that enable you to prepare for and respond to sophisticated cyberattacks and improve your cyber resilience. This includes continuous security monitoring, incident monitoring, attack sandboxing, incident analysis, incident response, and threat hunting with reputed threat intelligence.

Resilient Threat Lifecycle

Continuous, real-time managed detection and response is critical for reducing threat dwell time and exposure to the enterprise. However, with so much business done online, 24/7 security monitoring is a challenge due to a lack of skilled resources in the security domain. CyberRes offerings utilize cutting-edge technology to provide around-the-clock security event and incident monitoring services. These services are delivered by highly skilled resources in the security domain, enabling organizations to proactively manage the continually evolving adversarial tactics and techniques.

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Intelligent and Adaptive Detection

In the era of digital transformation, cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, targeted, and difficult to detect. CyberRes offerings leverage industry best practices in artificial intelligence and unsupervised machine learning to detect malicious activities across the IT landscape. Our solutions provide proactive threat detection that elevates your organization’s cybersecurity capabilities to a level that helps you meet compliance requirements.

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Real-Time Response

According to cybersecurity experts, the average time to detect a security breach is 180 days. Detecting breaches early is essential to containing the impact. CyberRes SecOps solutions enable organizations to expeditiously identify, investigate, and respond to potential security incidents through orchestration and automation, helping to reduce dwell time. Our well-crafted processes and procedures boost operational efficiency and strengthen cyber resiliency. And we proactively deliver security advisories to keep our customers well informed.

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