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Managed Identity, Access, and Governance​

Ensuring the Right Access to Users, Assets, and Data

NetIQ, the CyberRes Managed Identity, Access, and Governance provides the foundation for a zero trust strategy. It enables organizations to grant access rights, provide single sign-on from a wide variety of devices, enhance security with multifactor authentication, enable user lifecycle management, protect privileged accounts, enforce identity governance, and more.

Security for a New World

Every enterprise needs to provide a frictionless and secure experience for every user, asset, and data interaction while securing data in the hybrid, multi-cloud environment. CyberRes managed identity offerings enable enterprises to govern privileges, enforce access controls, and unify identity stores. The solutions also help to ensure that the right individuals have access to the right resources at the right times, for the right reasons. Enterprises can utilize the risk engine to make smarter, better-informed decisions to provide users’ access by eliminating the risk and toxic combinations of entitlements.

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Bring Digital Transformation to Work

The traditional workplace is changing. Employees, contractors, partners, and customers need to access applications not only using devices within the corporate network but also from home using their own devices. CyberRes managed identity offerings provide real-time access to applications, services, and resources wherever they are—in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid cloud. We provide a seamless experience to end users, whoever they are: enterprise users, privileged administrators, consumers, partners, or vendors.

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Continuous Governance

Data and identity governance regulations continue to evolve over time and across geographical boundaries. We’ve gone from SOX to GDPR to PSD2, and more are on the horizon. Enterprises need the ability to keep up with the latest regulatory compliance requirements and enforce reliable data and identity governance. CyberRes solutions provide centrally managed just-in-time governance, on-boarding and off-boarding, and separation of duties violations, helping to ensure that you’re always ready to implement new regulations.

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Integrated, Highly Scalable, Powerful, and Flexible

As businesses grow, they need additional resources, applications, and services to support the increasing number of employees, contractors, partners, and customers. NetIQ Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions are scalable to millions of users and can be integrated into on-premises or cloud applications and infrastructure, enabling secure access for employees, contractors, partners, and customers.

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Simple Yet Cost Effective

As a business grows, its infrastructure costs need to be kept in check to maintain a healthy bottom line. CyberRes offers cost-effective identity, access, and governance solutions that can be deployed with a minimum of time and effort.

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    State of Zero Trust in the Enterprise

    Enterprises are increasingly embracing zero trust: 87% said they were on the zero trust journey – having already rolled out zero trust or making plans for implementation.

    release-rel-2024-2-2-9397 | Tue Feb 27 09:17:20 PST 2024
    Tue Feb 27 09:17:20 PST 2024