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Discover and Act on Unknown Threats

Managed Threat Hunting

CyberRes Advanced Managed Threat Hunting offerings and partnerships utilize advanced threat analyzers, machine learning, and sophisticated ATT&CK models to proactively detect anomalous behavior and respond to threats and hidden adversaries using a combination of hypothesis-driven human intelligence and threat hunting tools.

Hunt and Detect

Proactively discover threats in your environment that go undetected using existing traditional security controls before they result in exploitation. Use hypothesis on historical data on indicators or watch lists of known activity. Detect known and unknown malicious activities by identifying anomalous behavior using artificial intelligence and machine learning-based threat hunting tools. Combine this with human intelligence to collect information, create a hypothesis, and identify threats that have left indicators of movement around your network, endpoints, or directory systems.

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Execute Incident Response

Once a threat actor is identified, a quick recovery is critical to limiting the impact to your organization. Document the details of the threat and execute an incident response plan. With the necessary approvals in place, contain and neutralize the bad actor before any further damage is done by first cutting off communication channels and then eradicating any malware and threat actor presence from the environment. Leverage SOAR capabilities to execute defined playbooks.

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Report and Enrich

Document and record all findings and actions in a report that summarizes the detection process, the output of the hunt process and its implications, and the incident response actions. Update the dashboard for a CxO level briefing. To prevent future threats, apply the learnings from the adversary’s behavior by documenting their tactics, techniques, and procedures.

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    Act Before It’s Too Late

    Discuss your needs for improving your threat hunting posture with one of our solutions experts.
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