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Dive into the world of cybersecurity, exploring challenges, trends, and different approaches with industry experts.

Our Podcasts

Reimagining Cyber is a podcast series hosted by Rob Aragao and Stan Wisseman, security strategists with CyberRes, a Micro Focus line of business.

Humans and Machines is a podcast series hosted by Stephan Jou and Mario Daigle, who focus on security, analytics and AI at CyberRes, a Micro Focus line of business.

Podcast Hosts

Reimagining Cyber


Rob Aragao

Rob Aragao is Chief Security Strategist with CyberRes and has over 20 years of information security experience with an emphasis on cyber risk best practices, threat intelligence, security monitoring and regulatory compliance initiatives. Rob has worked across multiple verticals, ranging from financial services to telecommunications. Prior to CyberRes, Rob was Vice President of Security Strategy & Innovation for ReliaQuest and served as the Chief Security Strategist for HPE.


Stan Wisseman

Stan Wisseman leads the Security Strategist team for Micro Focus’ CyberRes in North America. Stan has over 30 years of information security experience and has built security into products, systems, software, and enterprises. Prior to joining Micro Focus in 2014, Stan served as the Chief Information Security Officer for Fannie Mae with responsibilities for information security and business resiliency across the organization.

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Humans & Machines

Stephan Jou

Stephan Jou

Stephan Jou is CTO of Interset at CyberRes, and leads both the development of ArcSight Intelligence, a leading-edge cybersecurity and In-Q-Tel portfolio company that uses machine learning and behavioral analytics, and various analytics-related initiatives for CyberRes. Previous to Interset, Jou has been at IBM and Cognos where he led the development of over 10 products in the areas of cloud computing, visualization, data mining, and neural networks.

Mario Daigle

Mario Daigle

Mario is the Senior Director of Analytics for CyberRes, the security line of business of Micro Focus, where he leads the incubation organization that drives analytic innovations across product teams. He has over 20 years of experience driving product investment strategy for analytics, cloud computing, big data technologies, cybersecurity, and IoT (Internet of Things) security.

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