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ArcSight Security Orchestration Automation and Response

Empower security operations with automated, orchestrated, and accelerated incident response. Connect all key stakeholders, peers, teams, processes, and technology from a single pane of glass.

Automation at the heart of SecOps

Offload all repetitive security activities to ArcSight SOAR's automation. With the seamless automation engine of ArcSight SOAR, you can define any number of complex cyberattack scenarios or run one of the ready, pre-built playbooks. You can add human approvals and checkpoints to the loop for critical decisions whenever needed. ArcSight SOAR’s automated orchestration helps you shift all time-consuming, mundane work to automation, prioritize incidents, and take timely action on cyberthreats.

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Empower security analysts with collaboration

ArcSight SOAR's intuitive and simple service desk allows security investigations and responses to be carried out from a single pane of glass. Instead of switching between multiple different tools and logging in and out of them, ArcSight SOAR allows SOC staff to solely use the service desk to invoke such tools. The platform becomes a unified investigations and response interface that improves collaboration between people, tools, and processes.

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Measure and govern collectable data

ArcSight SOAR provides detailed reports on each incident at the analyst or team level to help managers understand historical events and better plan future directions. Everything is logged and forwarded to the SIEM platform for segregation of duties. SecOps measurement and reporting helps internal and third-party audit teams conduct audits when needed.

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  • Speed Up Incident Response

    Investigate and respond to threats with ArcSight's native Security Orchestration, Automation and Response. Speed up threat response, increase operational efficiency and decrease mean time to detect and respond in your SOC.

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