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ArcSight Marketplace

Equip your security team with the latest content to get the most out of your ArcSight deployment and defend against modern threats. Experience the ArcSight Marketplace today.

Equip your team with intelligent solutions

Bolster your security posture with the ArcSight Marketplace. By implementing some of the core components of the ArcSight platform, you can start transforming your Big Data into actionable security intelligence.

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Connect with all your data

Collect and normalize event data from 480+ source types with ArcSight’s SmartConnectors. You can even create custom connectors with the ArcSight FlexConnector framework—so you can read and parse information from any other device you might want connected.

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Unify your broader security deployment

Discover more ways to integrate ArcSight with the other security solutions in your SOC to increase your team's efficiency. ArcSight’s open architecture and broad partner base enable you to maximize the ROI of your existing security tools.

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Find and adopt the content you need

Explore new applications, rulesets, dashboards, and more to expand the functionality of your ArcSight solutions. With supporting items from our partners, our community, and our own security experts, the ArcSight Marketplace offers the content packages you need to combat the latest cyberthreats.

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Develop and add your own content

Your creations could make a significant difference in SOCs around the world. Support the SecOps community by sharing the content you’ve developed with 1,000s of other Marketplace users. The Marketplace is free to join and allows you to list both free and paid items.

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Modernize your SecOps

Interested in learning more about ArcSight and how to get the most out of your SIEM deployment? Contact our SecOps experts today to discuss your organization’s needs and explore empowering solutions.

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