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Data, Access, and Identity Governance

Reduce Risk and Enable Compliance—With Unified Governance

An effective, unified, IT governance framework analyzes identities and data so you can gain insight into what data you have, who has access, and how access is controlled.

Make Identity Governance the Foundation

Manage who has access to critical applications and data on premises and in the cloud. With CyberRes’s NetIQ identity governance solutions, you can collect and visualize identities and entitlements across your ecosystem. It collects user entitlement information in real time across multiple systems, applications, and data, and automates the process of access request approvals. CyberRes identity governance enables your organization to make continuous access decisions, ensuring that you are never out of compliance and are continuously reducing risk.

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Build on Access Controls to Mitigate Risk

Your organization's workforce is shifting. An increasing number of contractors, partners, and service providers need efficient, consistent, and secure access to corporate data—no matter where the application or data is deployed. Using rich insights based on identity relationships, you can deliver the right authentication and authorization controls based on risk profiles and use cases. It is critical to deploy a centralized framework to ensure consistent controls that remove silos and security gaps that provide opportunities for exploitation. NetIQ access management solutions centralize access controls to improve business efficiency and provide accurate, timely access to applications and data.

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Govern Access to Mission-Critical Data

You need to ensure that the right identities have the right access to all data types. You also need to determine where the data is housed, what type of data it is, and how it's controlled by applications. Mission-critical data lives as structured, file-based, and unstructured data—and you need to govern it all. Lack of data governance for file-based information (which makes up more than 80 percent of an organization's data) presents significant breach and noncompliance risks. Meeting compliance standards creates challenges for your data governance practice. With NetIQ Data Access Governance solutions, you will replace time-consuming, manual processes with automated, continuous governance to better protect your most vulnerable data from the risks of unauthorized access.

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