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Authentication and Authorization

As an organization's hybrid cloud environment continues to expand far and wide beyond its control, the need for a zero trust model is becoming mandatory.


Shrink your attack surfaces

Decrease attack surfaces through identity-powered access gateways.


Implement adaptive access

Measure risk and protect access with identity assurance.


Enforce least privilege

Protect your sensitive resources through permissions lifecycle management.

Consistently enforce access

NetIQ Access Management delivers simplified, secure access to the right users, regardless of the device type or location, and minimize risk to the organization.

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Identity and access assurance beyond credentials

Our Interset plug-in delivers unsupervised machine learning that provides true continuous authentication and authorization for higher security and usability.

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Broader support for your hybrid cloud

As an organization's hybrid-cloud environment continues to expand far and wide beyond its control, the need for a zero trust model is becoming mandatory.

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NetIQ Secure API Manager

Secure and manage APIs of any kind—cloud, SaaS, web services, microservices, or IoT.


NetIQ Advanced Authentication

Intelligent, flexible, multi-factor authentication framework for your ever-changing needs.


NetIQ Risk Service

Now also available as a service, adapt your authentication and access experience to the risk at hand.

NetIQ Named Leader for Access Governance

NetIQ Identity Governance and Administration was rated an Overall Leader for Access Governance and Intelligence in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Access Governance and Intelligence, with strong functionality covering all major aspects of Access Governance.

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