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Exposure Time Reduction

Elevate your cyber resilience by reducing total exposure time with faster, more effective threat detection and response, backed by machine learning, automation, and multi-layered security analytics.


Faster detection

Layered security analytics for effective threat detection.


Faster response

Automate response with native SOAR.


Reduced risk

Limit your exposure to costly breaches.

Detect known and unknown threats faster

ArcSight’s end-to-end platform combines real-time SIEM correlation, threat intelligence, behavioral analysis, and advanced threat hunting to detect threats quickly and comprehensively.

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Maximize contextual insights to quickly identify the riskiest threats

By centralizing analytical insights onto a single interface, ArcSight paints a clear picture of your threat environment and increases alert accuracy.

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Establish an efficient human-machine team to accelerate detection and response

Native SOAR technology optimizes your team’s workload by automating repetitive tasks and initiating swift threat response.

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