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IT modernization

As data volumes increase, business risks increase. To modernize, contain costs, and reduce risks, first identify and then classify the data to keep, to protect, and to defensibly delete.


Unchecked data growth

Increases IT costs and business risks.


Retire legacy applications

To proactively manage information bloat.


Protecting regulated data

Builds customer trust and brand value.

Data minimization

Expedite IT modernization and migration to cloud projects. Identify, manage, and delete redundant, obsolete, and trivial data.

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Application retirement

Move, validate, and delete inactive data from applications through an automated process to deliver significant savings in database maintenance.

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B2C payment security

Secure customer transactions from credit card swipe/dip/tap through to the payment processor, in storage, and in use in applications.

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Voltage Data Discovery

Highly scalable SaaS content analysis for data minimization, data privacy readiness, data protection, and data preservation.


Voltage Structured Data Manager

Overcome application retirement challenges. Relocate inactive data to lower-cost repositories for defensible deletion.


Voltage SecureData Payments

Remove credit card data storage, neutralize data breach, and reduce audit scope and costs.

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