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Pre-Emptive Threat Detection

ArcSight provides pre-emptive, comprehensive protection against both known and unknown threats by securing your organization beforehand with layered analytics, informed threat intelligence, and contextual insights.


Why ArcSight?

20 years of SIEM and security operations expertise.


SIEM correlation

100K+ EPS correlation for real-time threat detection.


Threat intelligence

Integration with the latest threat intelligence.

Layered analytics

Real-time correlation, behavior analytics, and big data search analytics all working together and sharing insights to focus your efforts on the threats that matter most.

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Machine learning

Both supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods are employed to automate the process of threat identification and prioritization across your organization.

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Threat intelligence

Threat intelligence feeds are automatically incorporated to provide up-to-date, relevant information about known threats in the cyber defense community.

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Detect known and unknown threats through correlation, data ingestion, and analytics.

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