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Intelligent Access

Use the best risk service available to add intelligence to your authentication and authorization decisions. Take advantage of our optional unattended machine learning service that detects higher risk activity.


Breach protection

The risk of breach is higher than ever.


Situational security

Behavioral analytics for effective security.


Programmatic access control

Mobile apps and microservices need protection.

Behavior Analytics

Direct your access controls with a higher level of intelligence. Behavior analytics provide the last mile of protection against unauthorized access where contextual-based rules fall short.

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Low-Friction Authentication

Elevate security to zero trust levels without driving your users crazy. Without the right tools, zero trust security will serve as a fast track to raising corporate risk, build end-user dissatisfaction with repeated authentication requests, or both.

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Flexible Deployment

Match your identity assurance requirements with your consumer’s usability expectations. From applications, to biometric, to geo-fencing and more, the NetIQ authentication framework offers the most flexibility to deploy methods of your choice.

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Identity Governance and Administration

Govern access to resources, adapt to risk, and improve business agility with a comprehensive IGA platform.


NetIQ Advanced Authentication

Intelligent, flexible, multi-factor authentication framework for your ever-changing needs.


NetIQ Access Manager

Today, you need secure access management across mobile and cloud platforms.

State of Zero Trust in the Enterprise

Enterprises are increasingly embracing zero trust: 87% said they were on the zero trust journey – having already rolled out zero trust or making plans for implementation.
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