Evolve your security posture at the speed of change.

Hybrid security deployment.

Flexibly strengthen your security posture by deploying and integrating existing or new security services, on premises or in the cloud, as part of your heterogeneous hybrid environment.


Build on your current heterogeneous foundation, adding security as a service capabilities to improve efficiencies.

Integrate protections across your identities, apps, and data to cover gaps that span complex use cases.

Provide a unified view of your environment.

Achieve faster time to value by simplifying your deployment model.

Leverage domain expertise.

Customize your protections by industry and domain. Leverage the unique industry IP, deep knowledge, and best practices from global partners—built directly into existing products as controls.


Leverage partner expertise and solutions to solve complex security challenges.

Take advantage of customer content, robust APIs, easy data exchange, and event sharing.

Integrate into CI/CD toolchains with Jenkins, Azure, IDEs, and extensible APIs.

Build governance and compliance programs to deliver insight into identities, secure access controls, and quickly respond to audit and attestation requirements.

Utilize Data Science.

Augment human intelligence with machine intelligence to deliver relevant outcomes. Take advantage of a set of machine learning, mathematical models, and visualization capabilities to analyze, correlate, and view data across threaded use cases to enable analytically driven decisions.


Apply machine learning to monitor data and uncover unknown threats for pre-emptive risk mitigation. 

Leverage AI technologies (such as supervised machine learning) to analyze source code to distinguish true vulnerabilities from the noise.

Utilize an analytics engine to analyze data types and structures to alert or automatically encrypt data derived from risk-based results.

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