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Your journey to application modernization.

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of organizations see COBOL and mainframe applications as a strategic necessity. Taking the steps to modernize these valuable assets must begin now.

For most organizations, the goal is to migrate to the cloud, which involves three important and achievable actions.

Step 1
Get cloud-ready

Move to commodity x86 hardware platforms. Adopt Agile and containerization for more reliable and faster application delivery.

Step 2
Migrate and optimize

Extend application value into the cloud using DevOps enabled, virtualized, containerized platforms and cloud services(XaaS).

Go cloud
Step 3
Go cloud native

Deliver faster with new application architectures, cloud-native services, and DevSecOps.

Plan your Journey

In this webinar you’ll hear about how Micro Focus is enabling a new journey to cloud for all enterprise organizations invested in COBOL and mainframe applications. You’ll discover how to begin your personal cloud journey as well as how to leverage cloud as part of your larger modernization strategy.

Modernisation Maturity Model
COBOL to Cloud
The Journey to Destination Cloud
Destination Cloud: Let’s Get Ready to Modernize

Customer Success

  • “Collaborating with Micro Focus (now part of OpenText),we consolidated our disparate platforms and gained a better structured backup and disaster recovery process. We delivered 45% percent cost savings, improved our development productivity by 60% percent, and drastically reduced the risk to business continuity.“

    IT Director,
    State Agency
  • “Having the connection between our transaction-led, batch-processing operational systems, and modern, often cloud-based data analytics solutions is invaluable to us. Micro Focus enabled us to build and unify a new data-driven backbone for our company. With this backbone we can leverage new technologies...[and] our COBOL applications continue to give us a competitive edge through modernization.”

    Chief Information & Technology Officer,
  • “When we first invested in COBOL decades ago, who would have thought that streaming music would even be a thing? But here we are, and it is testimony to the longevity of COBOL and the strategic direction of Micro Focus that we are successfully riding the digital transformation wave in our industry.”

    Mark Atkins,
    Business Support and Infrastructure Manager,
  • “It has been fantastic to migrate to cloud computing and a continuous delivery model while reusing our valuable business logic and providing full business continuity to our clients. The decision to write InvestOne in COBOL all those years ago has definitely paid off for us.”

    Chuck Wainscott,
    Director of Architecture,
    FIS asset management group
  • “The new Micro Focus development environment has opened our eyes to so much opportunity. We are looking to move to a DevOps model with more end-to-end serviceability in the cloud. Our productivity has increased by 30 percent and we are more responsive to the business.”

    John Vanzanten,
    Senior Developer,
    Empire Life
  • “Leveraging Visual COBOL we created a CI/CD and container pipeline approach in AWS to give us rapid deployment capability. Instead of two major releases each year, over the last 12 months we deployed 800 times.”

    Mark Bell,
    Virtual Machine Environment, Replacement Programme Deputy Director,

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