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COBOL is still important and COBOL skills are in high demand.

Find the COBOL developer talent to grow your business.
Find, recruit, and retain the next generation of COBOL developers to support your core business applications.

COBOL by the Numbers

COBOL’s reach extends right into tomorrow.

  • 800+ billion lines of COBOL in use today.
  • 65% of all active code is COBOL.
  • 72% plan to modernize their COBOL applications vs. rip and replace.
COBOL by the Numbers

COBOL Developers are in Demand

  • 70% of daily business transactions are COBOL.
  • 200x more transactions than Google and YouTube combined.
  • 83% believe COBOL will be here after they retire, creating new opportunity for the next generation of developers.
Still in Demand

COBOL—Modern and Powerful

Read our technical ebook, “Visual COBOL: A developers guide to modern COBOL”, written for the COBOL, Java, and .NET developers. Start a new era of innovation with powerful tools for today and tomorrow.

Modern and Powerful

COBOL Resources for Employers

Modernize on Strength: A Global COBOL Survey
Read ebook
Onward and Upward: How COBOL enables mainframe transformation
Read ebook
Three Hot Takes: Shaping the Future of Core Business Applications
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The COBOL Academic Program

Building the next generation of COBOL developers.

Explore the COBOL Academic Program

Program Overview

Our COBOL Academic Program delivers valuable educational programs and resources for educators, students and employers committed to building the next generation of COBOL developers.

Academic Partners

Many of the best academic institutions have joined with Micro Focus to nurture the finest IT talent for the best opportunities.


Leaders of businesses built on COBOL will need the best developer talent and COBOL skills to keep their core applications running today, and modernize them for the future. You can make it happen.


Students with COBOL skills are in demand. Discover the student benefits of the COBOL Academic Program.

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