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COBOL Academic Partners

Be the future of COBOL.
OpenText™ has a growing pool of Academic Partners across the globe, all equipped to teach COBOL with the latest tools and technologies. If you're a student interested in learning COBOL or an employer looking for new talent, then take a look below to find a COBOL course or Academic Partner near you.

Our COBOL Academic Partners

  • “The Micro Focus (now part of OpenText™) Academic program provides our students with opportunities to learn and grow their knowledge of COBOL and JCL. This education makes them great candidates for good paying positions in the region.”

    Dr. Lisa M Landgraf
    Professor and Chairperson | Computer Science and Software Engineering
    University of Wisconsin, Platteville
  • “With many choices available, COBOL is still one of the best programming languages for helping new developers understand structured data.”

    Raymundo Avelino Aben Athar
    Under-Secretary for Integrated Information Technology Management
    Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories

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The Future is Waiting

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Program Overview

Our COBOL Academic Program delivers valuable educational programs and resources for educators, students and employers committed to building the next generation of COBOL developers.


Leaders of businesses built on COBOL will need the best developer talent and COBOL skills to keep their core applications running today, and modernize them for the future. You can make it happen.


Employers help shape today's IT workforce and build relationships with the COBOL talent needed to support their IT assets.


Students with COBOL skills are in demand. Discover the student benefits of the COBOL Academic Program.

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