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Customers and Partners

Creating a positive impact through sustainable solutions.

When customers and partners have to quickly embrace new business models, solve real-world problems, and protect their investments, they can count on Micro Focus products.

IT and Climate Change

Micro Focus helps organizations understand how IT can help them reduce their carbon footprint and reach sustainability goals.

IT and Climate Change

Understanding ESG Expectations

In FY22 we commissioned an independent study to understand ESG expectations for today and the future. This helps us ensure our ESG program is fit for purpose and identify opportunities to help our customers and partners with their own ESG goals.

Understanding ESG Expectations

Success Stories


Whitlock IS and Micro Focus step up to support the country’s non-profit organization during US hurricane crisis.


Cerner and Micro Focus improved patient care quality by helping physicians work more efficiently.


Auckland Transport and Micro Focus worked to realize the vision of making 1.4 million citizens safer.


Fonterra and Micro Focus collaborate successfully to earn consumer trust and supply safe infant milk around the world.


Pulselight: illuminates real-time data intelligence to save lives and improve quality of care.


The James Hutton Institute supports scientists in global collaboration around the world.


Department of Energy protects human health and the environment for future generations.


Micro Focus drove down our carbon footprint and adopted renewable energy to respect the natural environment.


Larger Than Life ensures smooth processing of donations by performance testing with LoadRunner Cloud.


Climate LLC uses data science and analytics to support an evolution in farm data and decision-making.


World Vision International resolves issues faster and improves the user experience with Micro Focus SMAX.

  • “Staying ahead of what’s important to our customers is critical—and that’s why we commissioned the ESG Business Impact Survey. We wanted to find out what large organisations thought about ESG and how it impacts their decision making."

    Sarah Atkinson
    Director of Environmental, Social & Governance
    Micro Focus
  • “Our relationships with customers and partners are longstanding, with over 45 years of experience in managing a deep and broad portfolio of solutions. We have an installed base of tens of thousands of customers, and are trusted by the world’s largest organisations to deliver mission- critical applications.”

    Peter Sianchuk
    Vice President, Customer Success, ESG Exec Sponsor
    Micro Focus


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Sustainablility at Micro Focus

Helping customers meet sustainability goals.

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