#DevDay 2021

Build on strength

#DevDay is for those on the modernization journey. And this year there is no travel required.

Proudly developer-focused, our agenda is for enterprises with the vision to transform their COBOL- and mainframe-based host applications without upheaval. That means digital transformation, and for 2021 that applies to #DevDay itself.

This year #DevDay is fully digital and totally global, with everything online. A virtual event, but with real benefits. Because we have geared our agenda towards tackling your IT and industry challenges with key insights, innovative live technical demonstrations, and the best technical experts out there, all from wherever you are.

Magnificent Seven

The launch of two key solutions, Micro Focus Visual COBOL 7.0 and Enterprise 7.0 , is great news for application owners, CTOs and devs alike. Join the event in your region to watch the demos and check out the content.

Who should attend?

  • .NET/Java and COBOL/Mainframe Developers
  • Application Owners
  • Development Director/Manager

Learn More about #DevDay

For more than five years and across nearly 50 worldwide locations, Micro Focus #DevDay has united COBOL and other application developers. And as an online event, Virtual #DevDay 2021 makes it even easier to take your modernization story forward. Check out the #DevDay Infographic for more information.



#DevDay North America

August 10-11

1:00pm-4:00pm ET (both days)

Designed for COBOL and mainframe applications developers in small/medium business or large enterprise organizations.

Register Here


#DevDay GOV North America

August 17-18

1:00pm-4:00pm ET (both days)

Designed for COBOL and mainframe application developers in Federal, State and Local Government sectors.

Register Here

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