GTM Summit 2020

As we come together at the 2020 GTM Summits, we are focused on giving you the sales tools and insights needed for success. For the Sales Track this year, we are using this opportunity to roll out our new sales methodology called S3 (Sales Strategies for Success). The agenda will focus on hands-on and practical training, using real-life examples to help our teams ensure they have the right skills to deliver customer value and drive high quality pipeline and revenue. In essence, building a world-class sales organization that delivers the Micro Focus Advantage.

In line with prior years, the Technical Tracks will focus on hands-on labs, demos, and in-depth product and solution training, with the introduction of more advanced cross-solution training and hackathons to ensure our pre-sales community is able to help clearly demonstrate the value our solutions bring.

If you have received an official invite to the GTM Summit, please select the appropriate region for details on the agendas, how to register, and instructions for booking hotel and travel. In addition, we have included an FAQ that provides additional context on the GTM Summit.

Following these events, there will be a series of smaller regional events that will focus on the S3 rollout to the broader organization, as well as solution and product level training to ensure the field has both the method and message to be successful.

Select Your Location

November 4 - 7
Narvil Conference Center
Warsaw, Poland

GTM Summit NA
NA + Vertica GTM Summit

November 11 - 15
Texan Gaylord
Dallas, Texas

GTM Summit APJ
APJ GTM Summit

November 18 - 22
Bangkok–Marriott Marquis
Bangkok, Thailand

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