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Micro Focus

Virtual Realize 2020


Interactive Clinics

Virtual Realize On-Demand provides easy access to interactive clinics across our entire portfolio that you can view at your leisure. You can learn from Micro Focus experts at your own pace, with access to all the sessions that can help you navigate your journey to digital transformation.

Enterprise DevOps
  • AI in Testing
  • Performance Testing in the Continuous Everything World
  • Agile Delivery in the World of Things!
Hybrid IT Management
  • SMA-X - A one stop shop for your users from request to fulfilment
  • Operations Bridge - Improves availability and performance with automated detection and correction
  • Use your IT automation skills to help the business
Cyber Security
  • Containerising Fortify Products for Customised Deployments and Workflows
  • Stay one step ahead of the game with machine learning. Real time SOC!
  • Assumed Trust, Zero Trust And Adaptive Intelligence
Mainframe Application Modernisation
  • Mainframe RASP in the Cloud
  • Refactoring Legacy to Cloud Native
  • WFH and need secure access to my Mainframe from my family laptop, no problem!
Information Management & Governance
  • Collaboration and Data Discovery
  • Discover and secure personal and sensitive data in your databases
  • Highlights of the upcoming Content Manager 10 release
Big Data Analytics
  • Vertica - Modern Big Data Platform that empower Advanced Analytics, Data Science & Machine Learning at scale
  • IDOL – AI Fact Extraction to generate data for customer conversations using NLP technology
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