Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who is Micro Focus?

    The former software division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise merged with Micro Focus to become one of the largest pure-play software companies in the world. Bringing together two leaders in the software industry, Micro Focus is uniquely positioned to help customers maximize existing software investments and embrace innovation in a world of hybrid IT—from mainframe to mobile to cloud. Learn more about the merger.

  • When will I receive the product I bought?

    For downloadable products and instant payment methods, like Credit Card or PayPal, the delivery information will be sent via e-mail, usually within a few minutes after an order is successfully completed. Please look for emails coming from For payment methods such as Bank Transfers or Purchase Orders, the delivery will be done after the payment is confirmed (usually 2 to 3 business).

  • What is is a web platform dedicated to streamlining the way people find, buy, and use software. We are breaking down the barriers to using products and solutions on-demand through online offerings, transparent pricing, and ease of setup and use.

  • My trial expired, can I extend it?

    Please login to MyAccount to submit a ticket under the "Support" tab.

  • I am an Micro Focus employee using single sign on, where do I sign in?

    Head to the sign in page and click on the link, "Sign in with my corporate credentials."

  • My account is locked!

    You may need to reset your password using the forgot password link on our sign in page:

    You may not have signed up for an account yet, feel free to sign up here:


  • How can I stop receiving emails from Micro Focus if I do not have any active service?

    You can send an email to to address your request.

Order and Billing

  • While purchasing, I see Avangate as the vendor. Who is Avangate?

    Avangate is the authorized vendor and reseller of products.

  • Who will offer support related to orders and payment?

    The Avangate support team will be at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Please note that Avangate does not offer technical assistance for your purchase.

  • How can I check the status of my order?

    You can check the provisioning status by logging into your account.

  • What payment methods are available for online purchasing?

    Currently we accept Credit Card, Purchase Orders, Wire Transfers, and PayPal. We are continuously growing the number of payment methods available, if you have suggestions on what other payment methods should be available please let us know.

  • What is an SAID?

    SAID stands for Support Agreement Identification. In order to contact the on-premise support team, you'll need to have this number readily available.

  • How can I get my invoice?

    Please go to Click on the tab at the top that says "Contact Us," then select "Contact Sales."

Purchases and Others

  • What is a CSM?

    A Customer Success Manager will the assign Micro Focus contact once you start your Support contract.

  • How can I purchase the license for my product?

    Once your trial has expired you will be directed from the application to purchase the license. If you do not have a trial and wish to purchase our software you can visit to contact us and sales.

  • How can I upgrade my license if there is a new version?

    To upgrade your product please contact our sales team at

  • If a new version is release and my license is still active, do I have the entitlement to the new version?

    To review your entitlement please submit a ticket to our specialist at

  • I purchased the license, but I now have a new machine. How do I transfer my license?

    To review your entitlement please submit a ticket to our specialist at

  • Is there is phone number for Sales?

    To provide you a more personalized service in order to get in contact with our sales team, please go to and select "Contact Sales." Alternatively you can click the "Chat Now" button on the corner of your screen.

  • How can I receive news on new products?

    All of our business solutions are listed in our new home page where you can select our products from A-Z.

  • How can I request a trial?

    Access our main page to review the variety of business solutions we have available for you. Select "Free Trial Software" to get started with the trial.


  • What is the Marketplace?

    The Micro Focus Marketplace is a centralized site that contains all of our downloads once you have linked your SAID to your account. In the Marketplace you should be able to download every product and add-in associated to your entitlement.

  • Why can’t I download anything in the Marketplace?

    The downloads available in the Micro Focus Marketplace are linked to your entitlement; you must add your SAID to your profile at to access.


  • How do I change the email?

    Your email is associated is your user name and cannot be change. You can request to have another user created with your new email.

  • Can I have two emails?

    Emails are associated to the login user, so can only one email per account.

  • I contacted support and was told to contact my admin. How can I discover the account's admin contact information?

    You can view your administrators in our support page by clicking on the support tab.

  • Why can't I see all of my products?

    If your product is active, and you are an administrator you can submit a request to so our team can review your account.

  • What do I do if I have not received the activation email?

    Sometimes business emails can block non-trusted sites. In your inbox, review your spam folder. After checking with your company the emails are not been blocked, request the activation email to be sent again.

  • What do I do if I have not received the password reset email?

    Sometimes business emails can block non-trusted sites. In your inbox, review your spam folder. After checking with your company the emails are not been blocked, request the activation email to be sent again.

  • Why is the login asking for security questions if I have not set any?

    During the first configuration of your account, the system asks you to set security questions. If you have not set any you will need to open a request with our specialist to reset your account.

    Visit or call Toll Free: +1 855 525 9252.

  • How can I find my SAID?

    The SAID is associated to your contract information and can be found on the information that has been provided by your Micro Focus sales contact. If you do not have a support contract you will not have a SAID.

  • What do you mean by On-Premise Support?

    On-Premise refers to all products you are hosting or products that are not hosted in our SaaS servers.

  • What is Passport?

    Prior to the update of MyAccount in Micro Focus we used to have a Passport account for your entitlements. Now our users can have everything associated with their MyAccount login without having to have multiple users and passwords.

  • How can I extend my trial?

    Select the trial you want extended under products if the software has the option for an extension you will see the tab for extend trial under the product details.

    For all others, please submit your business reason by opening a ticket under

  • How can my role be changed to admin?

    The administrator can change your role by accessing and selecting the "Users" tab.

  • Can we have more than one admin in MyAccount?

    Yes, you can set more than one administrator for your account by selecting the "Users" tab under

  • How can I add users to MyAccount?

    You can add more users by selecting the "Users" tab under Select the option "Import Users" to view the format template and add more users.

  • Why after adding a new user to MyAccount, do they not have access to the application?

    Some applications will have their own user management; for such cases the user must be added with in the application.

    You can review information about your product by reviewing the "Help Centre" option.

  • Why haven't I received my activation key?

    If you received your invoice, but did not receive the activation key for your product, please open a request under

  • How do I find my tenant ID?

    Your tenant ID can be found in the URL of your application.

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