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Transform Tier 1 support with generative AI

What GenAI capabilities should you seek for your ITSM and what use cases can you start with? Get answers and avoid overspending.
Transform Tier 1 support with generative AI
Smart virtual agents, powered by generative AI, deliver conversational support in natural language. They empower users to resolve service requests on their own. And they expedite ticket handling for agents by summarizing incoming requests and suggesting solutions The result? Intelligent Tier 1 support and IT service management that boosts everyone’s productivity.
Elevate user experiences

Give users the answers they need to self-resolve questions using a GenAI virtual agent that understands user intent and provides human-like responses.

Cut support costs

Free up overburdened service desk agents and increase their Tier 1 support and ticket-handling efficiency with assistance from GenAI virtual agents.

Stay secure and ethical

Use a GenAI service that runs on a private LLM, works with domain-specific enterprise knowledge, and incorporates built-in safeguards to ensure responses are unbiased and appropriate.

How will generative AI impact the role of humans in IT service management?

Anticipate disruption. Navigate with confidence. Join our on-demand webinar to uncover the skills you need to balance GenAI efficiency with human intuition. See GenAI virtual agents in action—and learn how easy it is to put them to work.

The smart chatbot everyone dreamed of is finally here. Meet OpenText™ IT Operations Aviator, the GenAI virtual agent that is private, secure, and enterprise-relevant.
Explore how Aviator leverages a private large language model (LLM) to integrate domain-specific enterprise knowledge through retrieval augmented generation (RAG).
Reimagine your service desk with the OpenText IT service management solution. Get inspiration from these customer stories.
Discover what it takes to build a game-changing, enterprise-ready generative AI virtual agent.
OpenText expands delivery for private GenAI.
Boost service desk agent productivity with GenAI that suggests solutions.

ITSM generative AI use cases

Answer common service desk questions

Respond to user requests and guide them through automated service offerings.

Support service desk agents

Summarize cases and suggest solutions for handling incoming incidents and requests with the touch of a button.

Retrieve knowledge

Draw from enterprise knowledge repositories and approved external websites to support user queries, problem solving, and knowledge article creation.

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Discover the power of private generative AI for smarter IT service management

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