Bridging Now and Next

When the competitive ground shifts, you need to be ready. By bridging the gap between existing and emerging technologies, our software helps you innovate faster, with less risk, on your path to digital transformation.


Unleash the power of DevOps across your hybrid IT landscape – quickly bringing innovative ideas to life at the pace your business demands.


Orange Labs accelerates software delivery and improves quality in true DevOps style.

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Run IT at the speed of DevOps – bridge traditional and transformational IT services from mainframe to mobile, from corporate to cloud.


Allianz integrates and automates IT, dev, and business processes – increasing efficiency by 30%.

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Take a holistic, analytics-driven approach to securing what matters most – identities, applications, and data.

International Criminal Court

International Criminal Court gains visibility into all judicial information and reins in rogue records across the network.

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Transform unlimited volumes of data into accurate, actionable, automated insights – at the speed of your business.


Cerner puts high-speed, highly scalable analysis to work and saves patients’ lives.

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