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Financial Services Technology Solutions

Tackle the Complexities of Financial Services

You need help with solutions that cover big data, security, compliance, and more so you can consistently deliver with low risk. Our financial services solutions offer a wide range of technology options to fit your IT needs.

Solutions for Financial Services

Get insights from everywhere—fast

Manage shifting market trends and regulatory changes by gaining insightful context into your organization’s most valuable asset – all of your enterprise information.

  • Predict future performance through advanced analytics.
  • Increase visibility and understanding of your data.
  • Understand the lifetime value of customers.

24x7 security

With a global threat landscape and threat actors constantly pushing the limits of innovation, our financial services security solutions help you lessen the constant risk you are under.

  • Ease compliance and accelerate forensic investigations.
  • Big data analytics to hunt and defeat threats.
  • Secure identity access management to protect your most important assets.

What don’t you know?

You have data lakes? Then you may have important learnings waiting to be discovered among the more mundane parts of your business.

  • Extract key concepts from massive amounts of data.
  • Understand the meaning within your structured and unstructured data for agility.

More Financial Services

Archiving and Risk Management

Information governance and automated archiving solutions to access, govern, search, analyze and centrally manage data.

Secure Content Management

Secure your business by knowing what data you’ve stored, who has access to it, and which policies are most effective in managing it.

OpenText™ Retain Unified Archiving

Business communication archiving for email, social collaboration, and mobile data, deployable on-premises or in the cloud.

Financial Services Technology Solutions Case Studies

Xi’an Panorama Data Co., Ltd.

Xi’an Panorama Data uses IDOL to ensure the integrity of the information


See how OpenText™ Vertica™ facilitated compliance and audit reports for Finansbank.

Global Banks

A global bank uses a set of OpenText solutions to meet the compliance

XPnTI Cloud Infrastructure

See how this hosting provider provides peace of mind to real estate,

Haven’t found what you’re looking for?

We can help you simplify financial services.

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