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Employees in India contribute $20,000 to fight COVID-19

Micro Focus employees in India contributed over $20,000 to help fight the battle against COVID-19. As India is under a lockdown, employees were concerned about the challenges faced by the most vulnerable sections of society. With over 10,000+ (currently) people in India diagnosed with COVID-19, many lives have been lost and the casualties are expected to increase. A significant percentage of the Indian workforce employed in the informal sector face an uncertain future without wages. They can't afford sanitizers, masks or gloves, or access quality and affordable healthcare if diagnosed positive.

The Micro Focus INSPIRE CSR team had requests from employees as to how they could make a difference. They collectively decided to raise donations through a salary contribution program via their April salary. Together, 3,000+ employees raised over $20,000, which will be donated to The Prime Minister's Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM CARES Fund) and used for combating, containment and relief efforts against the coronavirus outbreak and similar pandemic-like situations in the future.

Employees in India contribute $20k to fight COVID-19
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