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Micro Focus Inspiring Stories

Kate Volunteers to Help a Business Recover After Lockdown

Kate Frost, Head of Global Mobility, Immigration & International Employment Tax, Micro Focus, based in the UK, used her Micro Focus INSPIRE volunteering days in 2020 and 2021 to support a local family-run business that had been severely impacted by the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Kate says: “Since October 2020, I have been working with a family-run framing business and art gallery, providing accounting and HR support. This 40-year-old business was almost at the point of closing in 2020, but today, after pulling together as a team, the business is at last holding its head above water and we are hopeful for the future.”

Recently, Kate also used her Micro Focus INSPIRE volunteering days to make a difference to the environment. Together with a friend and two military veterans, Kate took part in a beach clean-up on the south coast of Hampshire, UK.

“We filled the builders’ bags with rubbish and plan to go back to try and collect some more of the microplastics that are still there. I am very grateful to Micro Focus for allowing me days to volunteer and support a small local business and the environment.”

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