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Micro Focus Inspiring Stories

Maths Coaching & Workplace Experience

With maths at the core of many disciplines and a great entry point to many careers, employees in Yehud, Israel have been coaching a class of 16-year-old children from an underprivileged school as part of the Micro Focus INSPIRE program.

Irony Yud Bet Tel-Aviv-Jaffa high school selects the 15 students and they spend an hour and a half each week at the Yehud site with the team of volunteers, led by Itay Laxer, Director, ADM SaaS Delivery, SaaS. Not only are the children coached with their maths studies, but they also experience what it is like to work in a high tech company, learn about the careers open to them, and understand the importance of their studies in relation to a tech career.

The program, which runs through the academic year, is supported by a team of employee volunteers. Said Itay, "The extra coaching we provide helps build their confidence, motivation and network. Role models are critical to inspire young people to be the best they can be."

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