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Micro Focus Inspiring Stories

Meet Micro Focus Philippines INSPIRE Ambassador: Mara Rufino

At the heart of Micro Focus INSPIRE, our company-wide Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) program, is a dedicated team of INSPIRE Ambassadors – employees who volunteer their time to drive the program locally, and who collectively help engage more than 12,000 Micro Focus employees in 49 countries worldwide.

In this interview series, we put the spotlight on those people – our INSPIRE Ambassadors – who bring the program to life in their locations and empower colleagues to get involved and make a difference, while championing our commitment as a socially responsible company.

In this interview, the spotlight is on INSPIRE Ambassador Mara Rufino, who leads the Micro Focus INSPIRE program in Manila, the Philippines. Mara is Dynamic Web Application Tester, specializing as a technology consultant for Micro Focus Fortify on Demand.


Here is Mara's INSPIRE story:

Why is being an INSPIRE Ambassador important to you?

MARA: It’s important to me because I am with Micro Focus five days a week—I spend most of my time here — so for me it makes sense that my community outreach is an extension of my work. I wouldn’t be able to contribute and support charities, or acquire resources needed to volunteer, as much as I am able to alongside my full-time job.

Tell us about the Micro Focus INSPIRE program in the Philippines

MARA: The impact of COVID-19 meant that all our volunteering needed to go from in-person to virtual. Fortunately, through the launch of the Inspire a Million Lives campaign, we started a partnership with Save the Children Philippines. Currently, it’s a struggle to create a variety of volunteering opportunities because of the pandemic, but we’re glad that Save the Children has options like storytelling and teaching which we can do virtually.

Having a network and colleagues involved to share ideas with and organize events is important. My role as an INSPIRE Ambassador wouldn’t be possible without the support of my colleague Jean Martin. Jean and I recently worked together as co-ambassadors to run a Micro Focus fundraising campaign to support the Metro Manila ‘jeepney drivers’ who have been displaced by the public utility vehicle ban caused by COVID-19 lockdowns. Through fundraising, we raised ₱677,579.68 which helped support over 800 jeepney drivers and their families.

How is Micro Focus partnering with Save the Children Philippines?

MARA: Earlier this year we officially kicked off our outreach program with Save the Children Philippines. Through our charity partnership we are supporting awareness initiatives to help Save the Children reach their vision to make sure children stay safe, healthy and keep learning.

It’s very heart-warming to see that Micro Focus teams in the US and Costa Rica joined our virtual volunteering sessions as well! We are in regular discussions with Save the Children to plan our joint initiatives over the next year, ensuring they fit with our company’s social purpose, and support the charity’s goals.

Why do you believe every Micro Focus employee use their volunteering days?

MARA: I think there’s so much untapped resource in every company; it’s difficult to make a big impact alone – and this is where our local INSPIRE programs make a difference. With the backing of a company – having resources, providing volunteering days, and having enthusiastic employees pitch in makes it possible to achieve a lot.

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