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Micro Focus data center consolidation project helps reduce our environmental impact

The delivery of a complex data center consolidation project led by Micro Focus’s Product Service Delivery Center (PSDC) has significantly reduced our environmental impact through lower energy consumption and a sustainable approach to disposing end-of-life electronic equipment.

Headed by Rafi Levy, Director, Service Operations and Hosting Services within PSDC, the project started in 2019 to close four data centers, three in the US and one in Israel, to enable more efficient IT architectures and at the same time reduce costs. The project took nine months and involved around 90 employees from PSDC, who worked around the clock to deliver outstanding results.

Reducing our environmental impact

The consolidation project resulted in a 51% reduction of racks across the four data centers. From an environmental perspective, the consolidation of our data centers and the sustainable disposal of decommissioned equipment resulted in a 510KW power reduction – further strengthening our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, one of the five pillars of Micro Focus INSPIRE, our corporate social responsibility program.

As part of the consolidation project, IT assets within the data centers – including hundreds of data center racks, servers and network equipment – were either decommissioned or repurposed across other areas of the business. The team followed ethical and sustainable actions to reduce our environmental impact, with decommissioned equipment broken down to basic parts that could then be reused.

“The data centre consolidation project will continue into 2021 as we move some of our in-house hardware and software systems to new cloud based services. This streamlines our critical infrastructure and helps to enhance operations, improve flexibility, and deliver better use of our IT assets. While the end-user experience, we’re also keeping our energy consumption down and reducing our impact on the planet. It’s a win-win.”

Micro Focus data center consolidation project helps reduce our environmental impact
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