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Micro Focus Inspiring Stories

Micro Focus France Colleagues Volunteer

In celebration of this year’s World Clean Up Day, which aims to help reduce waste, Micro Focus France INSPIRE Ambassadors organized a morning of volunteering to clean-up litter in a neighbourhood near the Micro Focus Paris office.

Using their volunteering days, a group of nine Micro Focus colleagues from various departments came together and collected over 100 litres of litter – all in a couple of hours.

Estefania Martinez, Micro Focus France INSPIRE Ambassador, says: “It was wonderful to come together to make a difference. We are all committed to a waste-free planet, and this was a fantastic way to support that."

Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

This initiative forms part of Micro Focus INSPIRE, our companywide Environmental, Social & Governance program, and aligns to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDGs): Climate Action

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