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Micro Focus Israel volunteers develop apps to support communities

Micro focus employees in Israel are using technology to make a difference in their local communities – by mentoring computer science students to develop apps that solve problems, while at the same time enhancing their own leadership skills.

Through CODAS, a community technology development program, we are further strengthening our commitment of helping to equip communities with the right skills to be successful in their digital future.

Founded by Michal Halamish, R&D Manager, Micro Focus Israel, CODAS partners with IT companies in Israel to run social technology projects where employees volunteer to mentor university students and guide them in developing apps for non-profit organizations.

This year, six Israel employees mentored five computer science students in developing useful apps for non-profit organizations. These latest apps include one that identifies potentially dangerous areas in the home where people could slip and fall and injure themselves. Another app connects breast cancer survivors of a similar age, treatment type, language and location; while another app – called “Special Babysitter” – connects parents of children with special needs to students who are studying special education courses.

“CODAS is about creating real impacts by providing personal development opportunities for employee volunteers and doing good in the community. This is the fourth year Micro Focus has been involved in CODAS projects, and the innovation was driven by Ziv Birer, Software Engineer, Micro Focus Israel, who leads them the projects from a technical and operational aspect. We are looking forward to continuing the momentum next year,” said Michal.

Hadas Dolev, CSR Ambassador for Micro Focus Israel, said: “The projects the students took part in this year contributes to the final thesis of their computer science degrees. Next year we will continue to support the project to mentor students and at the same time support non-profit organizations.”

Watch this short video where employees involved in CODAS talk about the apps they developed.

Micro Focus Israel volunteers develop apps to support communities
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