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Micro Focus Inspiring Stories

Tamar provides tech support to enhance community's digital skills

Tamar Moses, Information Development, Micro Focus, based in Israel, is using her volunteering days to do a one-hour shift each week to provide technical support over the phone to help people improve their digital skills in order to stay connected as a result of COVID-19.

With her technical knowledge, Tamar is guiding those who need to improve their digital skills understand the basics so they stay connected with family and friends - and thrive in the online world. Tamar volunteers with a non-profit organisation that is powered by the Appleseeds Academy, which aims to achieve technological equality for all.

“I usually help elderly people who need guidance on using Zoom, Facebook, smart phones and internet sites. The idea is not to go to people’s houses or take over their computer remotely and do things for them, but to teach them in a way that can learn to do it on their own in the future,” said Tamar.

Fascinating and satisfying

Tamar explained that while it is very time consuming, the chance to help others improve their digital skills is fascinating and satisfying. She said one woman she helped was thrilled to be able learn how to schedule a permanent Zoom meeting that she and her friends could join on a regular basis. "She felt tech-illiterate at the start, but she soon understood everything I suggested and quickly found her way around."

"Another woman, an artist, who had been separated from her family and social activities due to COVID-19 told me she had tears in her eyes because a whole new world of possibilities had opened up for her. I had just showed her how to post her art online, something she hadn't been able to figure out before."

Tamar provides tech support to enhance community's digital skills
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