ArcSight Intelligence for Crowdstrike:
Find Insider Threats & APTs

Combine CrowdStrike endpoint data with ArcSight Intelligence UEBA to unlock world class threat intelligence & threat hunting capabilities.

  • Trial and Cloud Deployment in 1-Click

    Trial and Cloud Deployment in 1-Click

    Combining the behavioral analytics powers of ArcSight Intelligence’s UEBA with the rich Falcon sensor data from CrowdStrike provides you the threat intelligence and visibility to detect hard-to-find cyber threats inside your organization.

    It couldn’t be easier to get started. Click the “Try it free” button, and ArcSight Intelligence UEBA will automatically gain access to your Falcon sensor data. There’s no software to deploy, no machines to manage – everything happens on your behalf in the cloud.

    Take Advantage of World Class Threat Intelligence
  • World Class Threat Intelligence

    World Class Threat Intelligence

    After 30 days of data collection, ArcSight Intelligence’s unsupervised machine learning engine has all it needs to begin detecting anomalous activities in your CrowdStrike data, which may be threatening your organization.

    ArcSight Intelligence, backed by In-Q-Tel, combines its powerful unsupervised machine learning, advanced mathematical models, and state-of-the-art threat hunting tool user interface to highlight instances of risky anomalous behaviors. These threats are then organized into prioritized lists of the riskiest entities in your organization for further investigation.

    Find unknown threats
  • Better Visibility with a Premium Threat Hunting Service

    Better Visibility with a Premium Threat Hunting Service

    Your company doesn’t have the time or staff to monitor ArcSight Intelligence’s insights? We’ve got you covered. ArcSight Intelligence offers an add-on threat hunting service comprised of a team of security professionals who provide ongoing threat hunting on a weekly, bi-weekly, or daily schedule.

    Better Visibility with a Premium Threat Hunting Service

Get started with your free trial today

Kick start your experience with our CrowdStrike and ArcSight Intelligence solution for a yearly subscription based on the number of Falcon sensors you have in your enterprise.

Threat Detection Use Cases
Insider Threat
Insider Threat Detection

Detect insider threats before damage is done, including at-risk employees, high-risk employees, account misuse, privilege account misuse, and terminated employee activity.

Data Breach
Data Breach Detection

Secure what matters most by uncovering data breaches from data staging, data, email, print, and USB exfiltration.

Advanced Threat
Advanced Threat Detection

Protect your critical data from advanced threats such as compromised accounts, C2 activity detection, impossible journeys, internal recon, dormant account usage, unusual login patterns, abnormal processes, infected host, malicious tunneling, and more.

IP Theft
IP Theft Detection

Mitigate IP theft threats like mooching, snooping, interactions with dormant resources or files, high-risk IP or data access, and lateral movement.

Fraud Detection

Identify fraudulent activities and threats within your enterprise such as transaction abuse and expense fraud.

Abuse Detection
Abuse Detection

Uncover signs of privilege abuse such as an employee acting as a threat, or their credentials being compromised.

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