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Buying Programs

Product EULAs

This page includes end-user license agreements for the current-versions of our products. For past-version product EULAs, visit the EULA archive page. If you can't find what you are looking for on this page, please send us an email requesting the specific document you are looking for. Some EULAs may be offered in additional languages and will be posted as they become available.

Counting Options

Counting options vary depending on the buying program. School License Agreement (SLA) and Academic License Agreement (ALA) program customers should refer to their SLA or ALA contract for detailed definitions of their available counting options. SLA customers may select either Student Enrollment or Workstation. ALA customers may select either Full Time Equivalent (FTE) or Workstation. Master License Agreement (MLA) and Volume License Agreement (VLA) program customers should refer to the End User License Agreement (EULA) specific to each product. Counting options for MLA and VLA customers may include selections such as Device, User, and Instance. Please reference the list of product EULAs below for details regarding the counting options available under each product.

Inactive User

Inactive User pricing is available for those products indicated below. For purposes of such pricing, a User (as defined in the applicable EULA for the product) assigned to a person (or device) who must authenticate to a system to exercise the User's access or use rights, is "Inactive" when the system has disabled the person's (or device's) ability to authenticate for more than 120 continuous days. "Users" who do not qualify under the foregoing as Inactive Users do not qualify for the Inactive User pricing available for the products indicated below.


Terms and Conditions

Current Product EULA's

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