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Application Migration

Micro Focus is the preferred tech partner to help migrate and modernize over 1,000 Enteprise COBOL and Mainframe application projects.

Migrate Your Application Architecture and Build for the Future

Your enterprise applications underpin your business. But too often they’re locked away within a complex IT infrastructure, and if your applications are trapped on legacy architectures you are not building for the future.

Application Migration, also referred to as "application rehosting" represents safe and cost-effective application modernization. It is the key to unlocking the value within your core business systems, reducing your total cost of ownership and delivering new functionality faster.

Micro Focus is the industry leader in application migration. Our track record in delivering fast, easy, and cost-effective application modernization, supported by high-quality, proven technology, is unrivaled.

  • The Challenge With Modernizing Enterprise COBOL Applications

    Even though long-established COBOL applications are powering the core system operations supporting today’s business, IT strategy is always focused on next-generation investment.

    The cost, complexity, and risk needed to deliver business change requirements will only continue to increase as a consequence of this shifting focus, decline in investment, and growing uncertainty around skills and resource availability.

    The core issue is often not with the application itself, but with the rigid infrastructure surrounding it. Awkward, outdated technology was never designed to support today's rapid pace of business change, let alone the next wave of technology – cloud, mobile, next-generation architectures – that few could have predicted when writing the original code.

Why Migrate Your Enterprise Applications?

Migrate your Enterprise COBOL Applications for Higher Performance

Application migration redeploys your current application logic on a new, modern platform. With Micro Focus, contemporary development tooling supports and maintains it within a distributed architecture.

Organizations with mainframe and mid-range COBOL environments can realize multiple benefits through a successful application migration using Micro Focus solutions. They include:

  • Application performance gains of up to 75%
  • Cost savings of up to 90%
  • Development productivity gains of up 30%
  • A proven pathway towards attracting next-generation skills

For Systems Integrators (SIs) and modernization partners, the Micro Focus Rehost solution represents industry-leading technology for projects of any size.

Micro Focus technology will enable your teams to confidently deliver on customer commitments with the trusted assurance and proven reputation of an enterprise-class software supplier behind you. From project planning to delivery, Micro Focus can help with:

  • RFP / RFI response
  • Pre-sales technical assistance
  • Product and technology demonstrations
  • Application migration subject matter expertise

The argument for application migration is straightforward enough. The question now is selecting the right technology partner and vendor. We have the track record and the credibility to make selection a simple process.

The argument for application migration is straightforward enough. The question now is selecting the right technology partner and vendor. We have the track record and the credibility to make selection a simple process.

Micro Focus – The Trusted Choice for Application Migration

Every major business decision must align strategy with the company’s strengths, firmly positioning them for future growth and competitive differentiation. Organizations entrusting their business-critical processes to Micro Focus are enabling the reuse of their core applications in a simple, easy and cost-effective way. In a risk-averse industry, credentials and credibility are important. And ours are impeccable.

Working in partnership with our dedicated ecosystem partners, Micro Focus has delivered more than 1,000 successful application rehosting projects. Our rehosting technology is deployed across thousands of customer sites worldwide and migrated business applications are accessed by millions of end-users.

We are the market leaders in application migration and rehosting technology. With more than 40 years of experience, Micro Focus’s record in the enterprise application space is based on domain experience and a rich history of enabling customer success.

Our verified industry credentials demonstrate that we delivered what our customers wanted without compromising their infrastructure more than 1,000 times.

The Micro Focus application migration solution is underpinned by an annual R&D investment of $60M. No one invests more on application rehosting and migration technology than we do. Working with our partners, we deliver high quality, enterprise-ready application migration solutions.

Micro Focus also offers a wider choice of platforms: Windows, UNIX, Linux, Linux on z Systems, .NET, JVM and the Cloud. Enterprise COBOL applications written decades ago and maintained today run on the platform that best suits your business needs. Application migration and rehosting with Micro Focus also means new life for existing COBOL applications enabled through smarter development tooling and robust platform choice.

There are alternatives. But no other vendor can offer the same mix of high-quality technology, domain expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction that we deliver. You’re in safe hands.

So how does it work?

The Trusted Choice for Application Migration

What is Application Migration?

The Micro Focus migration and rehosting solution aligns future-proof technology to a comprehensive set of planning, management, and execution services supporting a complete or partial application migration and rehost. Essentially, it is an offer on two fronts: technology and expertise. Whether you need the support and expertise of an application rehosting partner or just access to proven application migration technology, your application modernization initiative is safe with Micro Focus.

Work With Our Partners

Our partners are the enablers of this powerful ecosystem partnership. They deliver high-quality application migration and rehosting solutions every time because of their extensive domain expertise, knowledge of Micro Focus technology, and proven track record. We trust them with our reputation so you can trust them with your core systems. Our partner ecosystem is the trusted, cost-effective fast track to innovation.

The Application Migration Process

The process identifies current and target platform characteristics to effectively plan and control the transition to the new environment. It is well-rehearsed, proven, efficient, and repeatable.

This graphic represents a high-level checklist for those considering migration or rehosting. Each of these topics is explored in further detail in the Application Rehosting Readiness checklist on the right and through an application assessment provided through a Value Profile Meeting.

What is Application Migration?

We Support for Your Application Environment

Our Rehost solution is the only market offering that’s truly platform-independent. We take your legacy COBOL applications – whether Unisys Mainframe, Fujitsu, ICL, BS2000, DEC, or other – to a fresh, contemporary environment. Do you see your application environment below?

  • Unisys Mainframe
  • Bull Mainframe
  • Fujitsu
  • ICL
  • BS2000
  • Tandem
  • IBM Mainframe
  • HP 3000
  • DEC
  • IBM iSeries
  • Wang

If you don’t see your current platform listed, please get in touch and we can discuss your application requirements.

Streamlining Your Regulatory Compliance Programs Across Enterprise IT

We Support for Your Application Environment

Case Studies

COBOL Developers

We wanted to streamline our development and standardize on a single environment so that our team of 25 COBOL developers can collaborate more effectively.


Thanks to Visual COBOL, we are now able to plan a progressive and integrated modernization strategy.

Re-Use, Re-Host, Refresh.

The Trusted Choice for Application Re-Hosting
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