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The Future of COBOL Applications

Market Insights from the 2017 COBOL Survey

When Applications Mean Business

Digital is driving faster change across every aspect of IT and business. For organizations who’ve built their business on COBOL systems, this means IT transformation through new platforms, processes and architectures including .NET, Java, DevOps and the Cloud.

The 2017 COBOL survey reveals the top modernization priorities for technology leaders including their views of how COBOL applications will power their future strategy.

For further insights, view this Future of COBOL infographic:

When Applications Mean Business

Future of COBOL Applications Webinar

Highlights from the 2017 COBOL survey.


Of COBOL applications are strategic.


Rank knowledge transfer as the critical skills issue.


Are adopting Linux as a future deployment platform.


Visual COBOL eBook: A developer’s guide to modern COBOL.


Build An Application Strategy and Roadmap Aligned to Your Business

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