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Realize the power of a best-in-class, fully integrated software and hardware stack for your data protection needs.


Micro Focus® Data Protector and award winning Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Storage continue the deep integration that was a hallmark of the products when they were both within one company. Offering best-in-class integrations with primary storage in HPE 3 PAR, HPE Nimble and HPE SimpliVity while utilizing the functionality of HPE StoreOnce and HPE StoreEver data protection storage platforms. Combine the latest technology to create a unified, optimized, data protection solution for diverse, dynamic and distributed enterprises.

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A partnership for innovation
The strategic alliance between Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Micro Focus keeps the development, integration and value of their solutions going strong and simplifies your business engagement.
Solutions portfolio from traditional IT to the cloud
Deeply integrated with the full HPE Storage portfolio, Data Protector is tested and certified with the latest platforms. Customers can trust these solutions for full data storage and backup protection.
Fast and reliable enterprise-class backup

Offload and enhance backup operations across the full HPE storage range. Certification, deep integration and consolidated management reduce complexity and slash costs of protecting critical business data.


Maintain optimum performance by offloading backup operations from HPE 3PAR all flash primary storage for high availability. Scalable from terabytes to petabytes to host mission critical applications.

HPE StoreOnce
HPE StoreOnce

Federated deduplication, encryption, enhanced security, and management integration with Recovery Manager Central provide storage cost savings, network bandwidth reduction and secure data backup.

HPE Cloud Bank Storage
HPE Cloud Bank Storage

Data Protector has out-of-the-box support for HPE Cloud Bank Storage enabling quick, simple and optimized integration. No need for plug-ins or appliances. Seamlessly transfer data between on premise and the cloud.

HPE Nimble
HPE Nimble

HPE Nimble storage leverages flash storage and predictive analytics for high availability. Maintain performance by offloading backup to disc, tape or cloud and achieve low RPO and RTO.

HPE SimpliVity
HPE SimpliVity

Certified with HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged storage your data is safe knowing Data Protector has been tested with the next generation of storage. Augment backup to tape, disc and cloud.

We use Data Protector to back up our remote office's data stored on the tape and our production environment on to 3 PAR storage. … I have always recommended Data Protector to my peers in other organizations. Data Protector is simply the best in all aspects of backup and recovery process.



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