Discover the Future of CORBA

Next generation technology supporting today’s core business systems

Micro Focus is committed to the future of CORBA. Our strategy is simple – the fastest way to get results from new technology is to build on what you already have. In essence, bridging the old and the new.

future of corba

Backed by leading innovation and investment, Micro Focus CORBA solutions enable IT to quickly transform core business systems, deploy to new platforms and modernize to meet today’s digital demand.

Learn more about Micro Focus CORBA solutions by exploring the webinar series below.

Move Up and Modernize CORBA Solutions on Oracle Solaris

Have you deployed your core CORBA business systems on Oracle Solaris platforms? Is business continuity and rising cost a concern as you plan new business requirements? Watch this video as CORBA technology expert; Roland Schnir examines why moving up to the latest CORBA technology can help you modernize your applications while mitigating cost and risk. This CORBA video will help you:

  • Discover the risks in running CORBA applications on Oracle Solaris platforms
  • Understand your platform modernization options for CORBA systems
  • Review best practices and tools available for CORBA systems utilizing standardized C++ libraries
  • Build an incremental upgrade plan that balances cost and risk
  • Better understand the extended support options available for CORBA users

CORBA and Containers

Is Docker and container technology part of your future CORBA strategy? Is there a need to simplify software deployment across a hybrid IT landscape? Join us as CORBA experts examine the importance of containers for CORBA systems and how to modernize existing applications without added cost or risk.

Watch this video to:

  • Discover the benefits of CORBA for containers
  • Understand the challenges involved in using CORBA for containers
  • See a product demo of the Micro Focus CORBA for containers solution

CORBA, Security, and SSL

With the constant threat of cyber-attacks caused by malware or ransomware, IT demand to prevent unauthorized access and data breach couldn’t be greater. But, securing existing applications from attackers isn’t easy and often requires specialty tools and subject matter expertise. For business systems written in CORBA, what are the best options?

Watch this video and hear from CORBA experts Mark Tetlow and Robert Delaney as they reveal how to secure CORBA systems using industry standard techniques and the latest Micro Focus technology.

Webinar highlights include:

  • Security Overview
  • Micro Focus SDLC and Security Council
  • A closer look at TLS and SSL
  • Elliptic curve ciphers
  • TLS for VisiBroker and Orbix


Enterprise systems developed with CORBA technology are the engine that powers business activity, but integrating with those applications and data is often difficult; requires specialty skills and the development of custom APIs.

Hear from Micro Focus CORBA experts Matteo Vescovi and Keith Halligan as they examine best practices for CORBA system integration using REST and JSON technologies. Discover how to modernize existing VisiBroker and Orbix applications and infrastructure without added cost or risk.

Webinar highlights include:

  • Understand the challenges facing CORBA system integration
  • Discover the benefits of integration using REST and JSON
  • Take a closer look at the Micro Focus CORBA solution for RESTful based services
  • See a product demonstration

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