General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Solutions

Micro Focus solutions help manage and protect your data in accordance with GDPR enabling you to grow your business with confidence.

GDPR: Make compliance good for your business

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have a huge impact on EU citizens and the multinational organisations handling their data. So how can companies become GDPR compliant by May 2018?

PwC Defines Role of Technology as Principle Factor in Achieving GDPR Compliance

PwC defines role of technology as principle factor in achieving GDPR compliance

In order to prepare for the May 2018 deadline, organizations must interpret the GDPR requirements, map technology to them, and quickly identify the correct information to be tightly managed and protected.

Information insight is the key to solving these challenges of large volumes of data and high levels of complexity.

The risks are high -  lost customer confidence, security breaches, fines, sanctions, and potential lawsuits.

The Breakfast Huddle

The Breakfast Huddle: Data protection for individuals within the European Union

Our EMEA GDPR Guru – David Kemp just concluded his SEA tour including a live radio interview with the new Business radio station – Money FM 89.3. If you didn't catch the Breakfast Huddle show live don't worry, you can listen to the podcast now!

How we do it

Micro Focus delivers a modular set of solutions that are focused on specific GDPR use cases to enable compliance. Our market-leading security and information management & governance software is underpinned by rich analytics to help you streamline your compliance efforts. We can automatically identify the most-critical and sensitive data, which we can protect in use, in transit and at rest. This unique combination of modular solutions and deep information insight helps our customers leverage data with confidence, to grow the trust of their customers, and to make GDPR good for their business.

Take a quick Technology Readiness Assessment and create your priority map

GDPR readiness can be complicated. But it does not need to be. Start with a structured approach.
GDPR Portal

GDPR portal

The regulation could offer businesses the opportunity to build better customer relationships, streamline IT and improve data management.

How GDPR can be a strategic driver for your business

How GDPR can be a strategic driver for your business

Many organisations are still unprepared for the changes that GDPR will bring and as such the regulation has been seen as a new law which could negatively impact your business. In this new white paper, we gather the thoughts of experts to discover how this new regulation could be a strategic driver for your business going forward.

Our Solutions

Identify and manage personal data with Micro Focus ControlPoint

Identify and manage personal data with Micro Focus ControlPoint

See how the International Criminal gained an understanding of its information architecture, ensured that sensitive information was stored appropriately and reduced duplication of records.


Why businesses need to wake up to GDPR

GDPR gives EU citizens far greater control over who holds their data and where it lives, through requirements such as ‘the right to be forgotten’ and ‘the right to data portability’. Industry-leading CISOs and lawyers discuss how businesses must go about achieving GDPR compliance by the regulation’s cut-off date of 25 May 2018 – or face the consequences.

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