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World Quality Report 2019-20

Quality underpins the key business drivers of every major enterprise

World Quality Report 2019-20

Testing and automation remain some of the most critical factors to deliver software reliably and securely, but they also come with costs and complexities that challenge even the most sophisticated teams. Whether an organization is grappling with ensuring adequate test coverage, increasing poor automation rates, or managing a wide range of tooling, one aspect remains clear: testing and automation must be embedded within the end-to-end delivery process.

The respondents in this year’s World Quality Report agree that while end-to-end testing is vital, a lack of testing skills is hampering progress.

World Quality Report 2019-20

Key findings from the report

  • Business drivers are more important than ever – Outcomes must be aligned with the business, which requires a smart, connected, and business-driven ecosystem. But although more testing now happens in parallel with development, seamless end-to-end QA isn’t yet a reality 
  • Broader Artificial Intelligence skills are needed in QA – The AI momentum is growing, alongside an increasing demand for AI skills. Although many organizations are active in AI, they’re not yet mature enough to apply it in testing.
  • Teams need smart and connected end-to-end test automation environments – Flaky testing environments that can’t react to changes or interpret and understand results, along with an abundance of disconnected tools, are hindering test automation ROI.
  • Not enough progress is being made in Test Data Management and Test Environment Management – Costs of cloud-based testing are too high, leading teams to prefer the status quo. This is compounded by the rate of change which makes it hard to see the whole picture.
  • Security and Risk Compliance are still king – Organizations’ biggest challenge is ensuring compliance with policies. Automation helps, but security testing will always be a work-in-progress.
  • Testing and QA budget is down – QA is increasingly becoming part of development, meaning that it’s harder to track QA budgets independently. 

Sponsored by Micro Focus, Capgemini and Sogeti, the World Quality Report 2019-20 surveyed 1725 CIOs and other senior technology professionals, from across ten different sectors and 32 countries. Download the report today to understand how your QA strategies compare to the report, and start thinking about how you can start to adopt the key recommendations in your organization.


need better security skills


find cost is the greatest test environment challenge


using DevOps in at least some projects

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Sponsored by Micro Focus, Capgemini and Sogeti, the World Quality Report is the only global report analyzing application quality and testing trends across multiple industries in 32 countries.

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