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Enterprise Strength OMG CORBA Solutions

CORBA Naming, Trading, Notification, Log and Lightweight Services.


OpenFusion CORBA Services are a comprehensive suite of enterprise implementations of the main OMG CORBA Services (Common Object Services). OpenFusion CORBA Services include CORBA Naming, Trading, Notification, Log, and Lightweight Services implementations.

OpenFusion CORBA Services carry out vital cross-application tasks, including integrated application messaging and resource directories. Written in Java, OpenFusion CORBA Services are platform and product independent, run on a wide range of platforms – including variants of Unix, Linux and Windows – and support a variety of non-OpenFusion ORB implementations.

OpenFusion CORBA Services

Family Products

  • A full implementation of the OMG CORBA Log Service specification.

  • A scalable and robust implementation of the CORBA Naming Service specification that provides a white pages object directory.

  • A refined enhancement to the Event Service that provides guaranteed event delivery semantics and event filtering capabilities.

  • A yellow pages style object directory that supports complex lookup queries.

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