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The Advanced Naming Service

Extending open source for the Enterprise.


The OpenFusion Naming Service is a highly scalable and robust implementation of the CORBA Naming Service specification. It provides a white pages object directory, and it supports the interoperable Naming Service (INS) extensions to provide a URL-type naming scheme.

Additionally, the OpenFusion Naming Service integrates with JNDI and LDAP directory services. Support is provided for load balancing with customizable algorithms, and the Naming Service can be optimized using configurable caching policies. Naming hierarchies are importable and exportable with XML.

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  • Integrates with JNDI and LDAP
  • Load balancing support
  • Configuration tool for customizing load balancing algorithms
  • Standard and advanced editions to match your application needs
OpenFusion Naming Service

  • Load Balancing Out-Of-The-Box

    Load Balancing Out-Of-The-Box

    The OpenFusion Naming Service supports load balancing extensions which allow multiple objects to be bound to the same name in the naming hierarchy. A load balancing algorithm will determine which object reference is returned as a result of a lookup operation. The Naming Service will support a number of standard load balancing algorithms, including random, round-robin, active, and first-bound. You can configure the algorithm with the service configuration tool.

    Load Balancing Out-Of-The-Box
  • Simple Administration

    Simple Administration

    The OpenFusion Naming Service can be administered via a GUI based management tool that is integrated into the OpenFusion Administration Manager. The tool allows users to define the location and configuration of a service. On startup, the configuration tool can be connected to any of the service instances and can read the service configuration and status information, displaying it to the user.

    Simple Administration
  • Standard and Advanced Editions

    Standard and Advanced Editions

    Two editions of the OpenFusion Naming Service are available, enabling you to choose the level of functionality that most closely matches your business requirements:

    Standard Edition - Highly scalable and fully compliant with the OMG's COS Naming Service Specification.

    Advanced Edition - Extends the Standard Naming Service Edition by providing support for advanced features, such as load balancing.

    Standard and Advanced Editions

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