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Category-Based Service Discovery

A full service implementation of the CORBA Trading Service specification.


The OpenFusion Trading Service is a full implementation of the OMG CORBA Trading Service, offering a way of locating CORBA services in an alternative way to the Naming Service. Services are grouped into categories, much like how the Yellow Pages phone book is organized. CORBA applications can query this complex directory service to discover newly available resources and services.

OpenFusion Trading Service can be federated for scalability and availability, with service types and offers imported and exported via XML. Administration of the Trading Service is available via a GUI based management tool, integrated into the OpenFusion Administration Manager.

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OpenFusion Trading Service

  • GUI Based Management Tool

    GUI Based Management Tool

    Users can define the location and configuration of a service using the configuration tool. On startup, it can be connected to any of the service instances, and can read and display the service configuration and status information.

    GUI Based Management Tool

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