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Discovery and CMDB

Modern configuration management solutions for multicloud and on-premises environments.


Increase IT visibility, reduce service disruption, and improve change success by discovering, mapping, and managing configuration items across your on-premises and multicloud IT environments.

Remove IT blind spots
Remove IT blind spots

Build a comprehensive CMDB of IT assets and configuration items (CIs) across on-premises and multicloud environments, including endpoints.

Map and model services
Map and model services

Know how your infrastructure delivers business-critical applications for more effective change and configuration management across all of IT.

Reduce change risk and downtime
Reduce change risk and downtime

Understand the impact of change on service delivery and unplanned downtime—before the change is made.


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Use Cases

Increase multicloud visibility

Know the IaaS and PaaS used across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform in a single tool.

Reduce software risks

See installed software on servers, on VMs, across clouds, inside containers, or on endpoints.

Improve IT response

Share configuration and asset data across ITSM, ITAM, cloud management, ITOps, and more.


See how Universal Discovery and CMDB can improve your configuration management.

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