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File Governance Suite

Identify and analyze your network-stored unstructured data, then establish policies to properly manage it.

A complete data governance solution that identifies your data and potential issues to address, then provides the means of correcting these issues.

Identify problems pertaining to network data governance including growth, security, access, loss, and more. Then create policies that take action to remediate these problems, assuring your organization of data security, compliance, and optimization.

Empower data owners to govern data

Offload IT work backlogs by empowering the users who are familiar with the data – the data owners – to perform data governance tasks. In the process, promote effective data stewardship and accountability.


Add data management to identity processes

Extend Identity Management and Identity Governance systems to include automated network-stored data lifecycle management and access based on identity and user role.


Evaluate and reduce data footprint

Reduce capital and operational expenditures by assessing the impact of stored data in your organization and then taking automatic action to remediate extraneous data and security.


Protect data with Data Access Governance

improve compliance and security by getting a clear picture of entitlements, control with proactive monitoring and notifications, and meeting attestation requirements through access reviews for key data locations.


Understand data and its security

Overcome the complexities of large expanses of data to understand what you’re storing and who has access to it. Security Notification policies enable administrators to be notified of any changes in access permissions to network folders.


Take decisive action

Take action to remediate or construct automation policies for continuous governance. Through policies, you can establish a set of rules for cleaning up data once a user object has been removed or disabled from Active Directory.


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