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Mainframe Modernization

Modernize mission-critical systems and applications to access new platforms and value.

Mainframe Systems

Mainframes are the cornerstone of enterprise success. High-performing and reliable, they are the mission-critical systems of record for organization-defining and complex transactional and operational rules and policies.

Shorter App Delivery Cycles

Develop COBOL and PL/I applications faster and deploy workloads to Linux and the cloud.

Stronger Security

Implement identity-powered multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and privacy to take back control of terminal access.

Boost Productivity

Make host applications look and feel like modern apps to boost user productivity and quality.


ChangeMan Family
Verastream Family
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Use Cases

Reuse and integration

Enable integration of mainframe data and applications into your digital business strategy.

Value from existing investments

Build cloud-based apps with legacy data and logic to transform heritage services into new workflow processes.

Modern tooling to support DevOps

Easily integrate hybrid development teams to support modern development and tooling to adopt today's DevOps methodologies and practices.


See how our mainframe portfolio can bring the value of your investments into the future.

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