Press Release | 8 Dec 2020

Vertica in Eon Mode now available with Scality RING on the HPE Apollo 4000 platform


Industry-leading predictive analytics solution provides unmatched flexibility with
cloud-optimized storage and compute architecture delivered on-premises

Santa Clara, CA and San Francisco, CA – December 8, 2020 – Vertica and Scality today announced the general availability of Vertica in Eon Mode for Scality RING S3 object storage on the HPE Apollo 4000 platform. Available via the HPE Complete program, this turnkey predictive analytics solution provides data-driven organizations with more options to right-size the economics of its data platform by tying costs directly to business needs. By provisioning just the right amount of compute resources for queries and just the right amount of storage resources for data, analytics teams can support variable workloads with much better efficiency and less waste.

“While our customers see great value running their analytical workloads on the public clouds with Vertica in Eon Mode, many require that same level of performance and flexibility for on-premises and hybrid environments, as well,” said Colin Mahony, senior vice president and general manager of Vertica. “With Vertica in Eon Mode for Scality RING S3 object storage on the HPE Apollo 4000 platform, organizations now have even more choices to leverage our cloud-optimized architecture for hybrid or on-premises environments with Scality’s flexible software-defined object storage running on trusted HPE hardware.”

Vertica in Eon Mode for Scality RING S3 object storage on the HPE Apollo 4000 platform allows for greater operational simplicity and workload isolation to meet ever more demanding SLAs and business objectives. Separate workloads can dynamically consume dedicated compute resources all pointing to a single, centralized data repository powered by Scality RING, without the burden of data replication, copy maintenance, and load balancing across compute nodes and clusters.

“Together we give IT leaders across every industry the most flexible and cost-optimized on-premises infrastructure for predictive analytics at lightning speed,” said Wally MacDermid, VP of strategic alliances for Scality “As the software-defined object storage layer, Scality provides consumption options for cost efficiency and predictability while Vertica delivers cloud-optimized analytics for on-premises data volumes without the risk, cost, and complexity of migrating analytical workloads to the public cloud.”

For large on-premises data volumes that are difficult or impossible to move to the cloud, Vertica in Eon Mode for Scality RING S3 object storage on the HPE Apollo 4000 platform is an ideal fit. With this combined solution, analytics teams can “right size” compute and storage independently as needed while leveraging the consumption model that best fits their financial needs. Vertica in Eon Mode gives customers the greatest breadth of unified analytic capabilities, from SQL queries to in-database advanced analytics and machine learning, so business analysts and data scientists can achieve real-time and predictive insights on the entirety of their data.

Vertica in Eon Mode for Scality RING S3 Object Storage on the HPE Apollo 4000 Platform enables organizations from any industry seeking to achieve fast analytical insight from the largest volumes of data to:

  • Scale storage and compute independently, giving organizations the elasticity and flexibility to address analytic workload changes and account for seasonality or peak load times
  • Isolate analytic workloads to allow business analysts and data scientists to work alongside each other from the same data set without competing for resources
  • Simplify database operations and ensure fast node recovery, superior workload balancing, and rapid compute provisioning
  • Stop and start analytics more efficiently by hibernating stateless compute nodes when they are not needed

Additional Information

For more information about Vertica, please visit and To learn more about Vertica on Twitter, please follow @VerticaUnified and join Vertica on LinkedIn.

About Vertica

Vertica is the Unified Analytics Warehouse, based on a massively scalable architecture with the broadest set of analytical functions spanning event and time series, pattern matching, geospatial, and end-to-end in-database machine learning. Vertica enables many customers – from Philips to The Trade Desk to MassMutual to many others -- to easily apply these powerful functions to the largest and most demanding analytical workloads, arming businesses and its customers with predictive business insights faster than any data warehouse in the market. Vertica provides its Unified Analytics Warehouse across all major public clouds and on-premises data centers and integrates data in cloud object storage.

About Scality

Scality builds a market-leading, software-defined file and object platform designed for on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. We give customers the freedom and control necessary to compete in a data-driven economy. Scality is recognized as a leader by Gartner and IDC. Follow us @scality and LinkedIn. Visit or subscribe to our company blog SOLVED.


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