An integrated, efficient toolset

Quickly develop and modernize ACUCOBOL applications with ease using AcuBench, ACUCOBOL-GT, or AcuToWeb solutions. Seamlessly work with data using ACUSQL, ACU4GL, and ACUXDBC solutions. Powerful tools designed for rapid application delivery.

A better user experience

Instantly transform your ACUCOBOL-GT and character applications for web or mobile access. Take your ACU apps into the future with AcuToWeb and deliver a better end user experience – without code change.

A portable deployment architecture

Target new platforms with ease using the COBOL Virtual Machine and deployment environment. Deploy ACU applications to Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms.

Move to new markets

Launch new global offerings faster with Unicode internationalization support. Target new customers and new markets with speed and confidence.

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Wed Oct 14 18:06:08 PDT 2020