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COBOL development and modernization solutions designed for ACUCOBOL

The ACUCOBOL-GT portfolio enables developers to build and deploy ACUCOBOL applications across desktop, web, and mobile platforms using AcuBench, the COBOL Virtual Machine, and a full suite of application modernization solutions.


An integrated, efficient toolset

Quickly develop and modernize ACUCOBOL applications with ease using AcuBench, ACUCOBOL-GT, or AcuToWeb solutions. Seamlessly work with data using ACUSQL, ACU4GL, and ACUXDBC solutions. Powerful tools designed for rapid application delivery.


A better user experience

Instantly transform your ACUCOBOL-GT and character applications for web or mobile access. Take your ACU apps into the future with AcuToWeb and deliver a better end user experience – without code change.


A portable deployment architecture

Target new platforms with ease using the COBOL Virtual Machine and deployment environment. Deploy ACU applications to Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms.


Move to new markets

Launch new global offerings faster with Unicode internationalization support. Target new customers and new markets with speed and confidence.

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Introducing Extend 10.4 and AcuToWeb

Discover the latest modernization tools for the ACUCOBOL developer.


  • AcuToWeb is a new UI modernization solution designed for ACUCOBOL applications. Instantly transform your ACUCOBOL-GT or character applications and deliver a consistent user experience across desktop, web, tablet, and smartphone devices.
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  • ACUCOBOL-GT is an advanced COBOL development system for extending and modernizing business-critical COBOL applications. This COBOL compiler and deployment environment enables efficient application maintenance and delivers new modernization capabilities.
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  • A productive Windows-based development platform for the ACUCOBOL-GT developer providing a graphical interface to all ACUCOBOL development tools.
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  • AcuConnect enables developers to distribute application workload across multiple servers. It also enables applications to support client/server architectures by allowing a server-based ACUCOBOL-GT application to display a user interface on a remote Windows desktop.
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  • A distributed file server providing fast, secure access to the ACUCOBOL Vision file system in addition to sequential, relative, and object files on remote server machines. AcuServer delivers a multipoint solution for flexible data file access.
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  • By using Acu4GL, ACUCOBOL-GT applications currently using traditional COBOL file access can be rapidly transformed to support relational databases. Acu4GL's transparent RDBMS support means organizations can quickly benefit from relational database modernization.
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  • AcuXDBC makes COBOL data files directly accessible by ODBC or JDBC enabled tools such as Microsoft Excel or Java applications. AcuXDBC enables ACUCOBOL-GT customers to provide end users with the ability to create custom reports or perform data analysis without the need for application changes.
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  • Using AcuSQL, application developers can use embedded SQL statements within ACUCOBOL-GT applications to provide direct access to relational database management systems.
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Xcentrisity Business Information Server for ACUCOBOL-GT

  • Xcentrisity is a web server environment that enables ACUCOBOL-GT applications to be accessed as web services. Developers can use existing COBOL applications to build a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), which enables their applications to be accessed by web service clients.
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Case Studies


AcuToWeb delivers familiar functionality and mobile accessibility in a modern interface, opening up new market opportunities.

Railway Furnishers

ACUCOBOL-GT modernization at Railway Furnishers.

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