Modernize Your ACUCOBOL Applications

COBOL development and modernization solutions designed for ACUCOBOL applications.


The ACUCOBOL-GT® portfolio enables developers to build and deploy ACUCOBOL® applications across desktop, web, and mobile platforms using AcuBench®, the COBOL Virtual Machine™, and a full suite of application modernization solutions. For ISVs or corporations, these products offer even greater platform support, new performance optimizations, Unicode internationalization support, and a new capability for instant UI transformation for web and mobile access – AcuToWeb®.

UI Modernization and the Cloud – Introducing extend 10.3 and AcuToWeb

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AcuToWeb is a new UI modernization solution designed for ACUCOBOL applications. Instantly transform your ACUCOBOL-GT or character applications and deliver a consistent user experience across desktop, web, tablet, and smartphone devices.


ACUCOBOL-GT is an advanced COBOL development system for extending and modernizing business-critical COBOL applications. This COBOL compiler and deployment environment enables efficient application maintenance and delivers new modernization capabilities.


A productive Windows-based development platform for the ACUCOBOL-GT developer providing a graphical interface to all ACUCOBOL development tools.


AcuConnect® enables developers to distribute application workload across multiple servers. It also enables applications to support client/server architectures by allowing a server-based ACUCOBOL-GT application to display a user interface on a remote Windows desktop.


A distributed file server providing fast, secure access to the ACUCOBOL Vision file system in addition to sequential, relative, and object files on remote server machines. AcuServer® delivers a multipoint solution for flexible data file access.


By using Acu4GL™, ACUCOBOL-GT applications currently using traditional COBOL file access can be rapidly transformed to support relational databases. Acu4GL's transparent RDBMS support means organizations can quickly benefit from relational database modernization.


AcuXDBC™ makes COBOL data files directly accessible by ODBC or JDBC enabled tools such as Microsoft Excel or Java applications. AcuXDBC enables ACUCOBOL-GT customers to provide end users with the ability to create custom reports or perform data analysis without the need for application changes.


Using AcuSQL™, application developers can use embedded SQL statements within ACUCOBOL-GT applications to provide direct access to relational database management systems.

Xcentrisity Business Information Server for ACUCOBOL-GT

Xcentrisity is a web server environment that enables ACUCOBOL-GT applications to be accessed as web services. Developers can use existing COBOL applications to build a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), which enables their applications to be accessed by web service clients.

Case Studies

Chyun Huei Health Tech

ACUCOBOL-GT helps consolidate Taiwan’s Health Department applications and deliver greater IT efficiency.

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ACUCOBOL-GT delivers modern, future proof business application for continued success.

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AcuToWeb delivers familiar functionality and mobile accessibility in a modern interface, opening up new market opportunities.

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extend has delivered numerous functional improvements for us – especially in the areas of application debugging, compilation, bug tracking and update options. We are delighted with the new ACUCOBOL-GT development capabilities within Micro Focus extend.

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