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Advanced Authentication Connector for z/OS

Multi-factor Authentication for all your IBM z/OS end points.

Support any client connection to z/OS

Support any client connection to z/OS

Support for any client tools including TSO, CICS®, z/OSMF, Eclipse, or any user application that requires specific log-on authentication through IBM RACF, CA ACF2, or CA Top Secret.

Centralized authentication

Centralized authentication

A mainframe end point that integrates directly into the Micro Focus Advanced Authentication Server to centralize your authentication on the mainframe into a single enterprise-wide framework.

Simple mainframe implementation

Simple mainframe implementation

Simple to implement and roll out for all mainframe users, but robust enough to scale to very large and complex mainframe environments.

  • Don’t Leave Your Mainframe Stranded

    Don’t Leave Your Mainframe Stranded

    For good and for bad, the mainframe stands alone like an island in the enterprise. On the plus side, there’s its unmatched reliability and data processing capabilities. On the minus side, there’s the way it doesn’t fit in with your modern security infrastructure. This isolation is risky. It means everything in your enterprise is covered by strong security, except for the data that is most important.

    Don’t leave your mainframe stranded on a desert island. Learn how a new solution from Micro Focus can help you bridge the two environments – extending strong, centrally managed security to your critical mainframe systems.

  • Security and the Mainframe

    Security and the Mainframe

    When it comes to security organizations want to be sure that their systems are protected. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a key control to ensuring that only authorized individuals access your critical assets, including the mainframe.

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