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Advanced Authentication Connector for z/OS

MFA for your IBM z/OS end points.

Advanced Authentication Connector for z/OS
Protect business-critical corporate and customer data by integrating z/OS with the OpenText™ Advanced Authentication Server. Providing a single framework for adding a strong level of authentication (Multi-Factor or two-factor authentication).

Increased Agility

Support Any Client Connection To z/OS.

Supports any client tools including TSO, CICS®, z/OSMF, Eclipse, and any user application requiring log-on authentication through IBM RACF, CA ACF2, or CA Top Secret.

Increased Agility
Extra connectivity to z/OSMF.

Increased Agility

Centralized Authentication

Integrated mainframe authentication.

Integrates the mainframe end point directly into the Advanced Authentication Server to create a single enterprise-wide framework.

Extend enterprise MFA to the mainframe.
Direct mainframe integration.

Centralized Authentication

Simple Mainframe Implementation

Provide scalable support.

Simple to implement and roll out for all mainframe users, but robust enough to scale to very large and complex mainframe environments.

Simple mainframe implementation


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Advanced Authentication Connector for z/OS

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Advanced Authentication Connector for z/OS

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